Dieting Tips for Professionals Part II

by Broke Professional on December 16, 2010 · 3 comments

BrokeProfessionals PostPreviously I relayed the story of how I lost over 100 pounds and have since kept it off and what tips helped me and might be able to help you with losing weight and maintaing weight loss. I noted how difficult it is to lose weight as a professional.

To go from 280 pounds to below 180 was one of the more satisfying experiences of my life.  However, it was not easy.  It still is not easy.  Weight is something I will have to battle the rest of my life.  Recently having started a new job I have allowed a little bit of weight to creep back on.  (Notice the excuse-making, something which should be avoided, as outlined below). The holidays provide another convenient excuse but the truth is there will always be something going on and there will always be an excuse to eat less healthy than we should.

So that is my confession…I have put back on 15 of the pounds I lost in the past few months.

I am hoping going over my story and reminding myself of these tips will help me get back down to 175 as well as whoever may be reading.  That said, here are some more of my tips that helped me through many a tough day, when all I wanted in the world was some french fries and a milkshake.

Tip #6 – Be forgiving of yourself. There will be tough days.  There will even be days where you eat more calories than you have any right to over the course of three or four days.  The trick is not letting these minor defeats snowball into a full-on relapse.  You have to have a short memory when you are trying to be healthy.  Remember, the time-line is the rest of your life and minor blips will not define the end result.

Tip #7 – When it Comes to Eating, Excess Generally Leads to the Nearest Burger King Rather than the Palace of Wisdom The most dangerous behavior I have seen in myself and in others, when it comes to healthy eating self-sabotage, is the following internal statement: “I am going to be really bad today because I am going to start my diet tomorrow.”

Then the next day something goes wrong (such as breakfast) so you say it again.  “I am going to be really bad today because today is already ruined.  I will start the diet tomorrow.  I promise.  Definitely Tomorrow.”

And during these “bad days” you tend to be way worse than you ever would be, even on a normal day when you are not worrying about your health at all.  People use this as a get out of healthy eating free card and it a road that usually only leads to a ton of empty calories and/or severe feelings of self-loathing.  For example, I found myself saying using this mendacious line of self-denial the other day when I ordered a King-Sized Whopper Meal and an Extra Junior Cheeseburger.  I did not need that much food, but I love Burger King and I figured it would be ok to go overboard because I was “starting my diet tomorrow.”  I forgot to follow my own advice: that “dieting” is a weak state of mind compared with “trying to live healthy,” I will never have to go without anything for the rest of my life so there was no need to stock up as if I was preparing to live in a bomb shelter for the next two weeks.

Tip #8 – It is just as easy to make good habits as bad ones. Once you are in a routine of cooking dinners at home, exercising at least 3 times a week, and eating healthy, it becomes easy.  You will also, with time, develop a lot more energy and you will likely feel noticeably better as well, so everything will literally be easier.

Tip #9 – Stick to “exercise” you enjoy.  If you will stick with going hiking in the woods with your dog 3x a week but would only last a few days jogging on the treadmill then go for the hiking.

Tip #10 – Focus on the Purest Benefits of Losing WeightOf course it feels good to be complemented on “looking good” because you have lost weight, increased muscle, whatever.  But eventually, after a period of time, you will just be another “thin”, “muscular”, etc., type of person and then the compliments will dry up.

Nor, in my experience, have I ever seen anyone truly lose the weight and keep it off simply to impress another person such as a spouse or significant other.  I have found that people who are most successful in losing weight/etc., do it because they fundamentally want to change themselves and start living a healthier lifestyle.  There are a million benefits from being healthy, and of course many of them are enjoyable as well as beneficial, but the main goal always has to be improving who you are for yourself.  If you do not believe you are worth it then it may be tough for you to lose the weight and keep it off.  And even if you do not believe so, for sure everyone one of us is worth it, (with very rare exceptions).

I hope everyone had a pleasant evening.  Tomorrow is Friday, which is historically the worse day of the week to start a diet.  Luckily the plan does not call for “dieting.”

Does anyone agree/disagree with these tips?  Anyone planning on starting tomorrow along with me?  Let me know…

Updated: 1/21/11

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1 get frosTwire December 21, 2010 at 7:42 am



2 Travis Pizel December 21, 2010 at 6:10 pm

I really enjoyed this post. As someone who is (was) an avid runner, and also someone who loves food – I find the later getting in the way of the former. I'm looking to re-expose the runner in me, and this was an inspiration.


3 admin December 21, 2010 at 6:14 pm

The True Shame is how quickly you lose what takes so long to work for. I remember a few months ago I could run miles, now I am huffing and puffing after just one mile. Same thing with weight-lifting….muscles can go away really quick. Good luck, I am going to try and start running seriously again as well. I just feel better when i do.


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