What I’m Reading: January 15-January 22

by Broke Professional on January 22, 2011 · 3 comments


1. Money Cone – “The Beardstown Ladies.”  I was only a little kid at the time, but I remember my grandmother and my mom talking about “The Beardstown Ladies.”  How they had read their book and they proved even “ordinary folks” could invest successfully in the stock market, and knew more than those “hotshot” ivy league wall street types.  They even talked about starting their own “investment club.”  In this article my Money Cone, the rise and fall of the Beardstown Ladies is revisited.  A great read about a (to me at least) forgotten story.  It is my “empty wallet” award winner.  Of course it didn’t hurt that moneycone pointed out a commenting error on my site today either.

Best of the Rest (in no particular order)

2. Retire By 40: The Rental Condo Cash Flow –  I would have personally liked to see just a little more detail in this post, but I basically found the analysis interesting.  Its about how, if you can find the right investment property, you really can acquire wealth without having to do too much work.  I sometimes fear investment property because of a reluctance to be a landlord, but this was a mathematical eye opener of what a savvy person can accomplish.

3. Aloysa’s Kitchen Sink (Guest Blog by World’s Strongest Librarian) Should You Write Guest Posts?  I don’t know, Should you?  (YES!) – I like Aloysa’s Kitchen Sink for its common pairing of the random with personal finance.  The writing is generally a little bit quirky, like a recent story of a “gym affair.”  In short, I have been wanting to highlight her site for a while, so I feel a little bad highlighting a guest post, when there are so many quality articles written by the blogger herself.  However, as a new blogger, this guest post really spoke to me.  Particularly the points that: 1) it is ok to try to get accepted by the “big boys”; 2) spikes in traffic will not in and of themselves change the game for your blog; and 3) guest posting and focusing on creating off-site content is at least as important as on-site content.

4. Financial SamuraiMy Fear and My Guilt – Highlights the beyond the scenes issues of the Yakezie Scholarship and highlights why those in the Yakezie (or friends of the Yakezie) should consider contributing more, if they can to the scholarship.

5. Buy Like BuffetThree Principles of Building Wealth that can be Learned from Warren Buffett – I too, like buy like buffet am a big Warren Buffet fan.  Anyone that can go from having nothing to being basically the richest man in the world, yet still churn out folksy charm statements like “keep it simple,” and “buy what you know,” has my vote.  Come to think of it….Buffet’s advice seems close to what the Beardstown Ladies advice was….maybe they were Buffet fans as well.

6. The Dividend GuyWhy I Use Index Mutual Funds rather than ETF’s – A good starting point for debate on this topic.

Hope you enjoy the links.  Happy reading and happy weekend.

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1 Aloysa January 22, 2011 at 7:58 pm

Thank you for highlighting my blog! I am glad to see that you are enjoying my wirting and my guest bloggers. :-)


2 twentysomethingmoney January 22, 2011 at 11:58 pm

Some great links, thanks for sharing! Really like the new look of the site too.


3 ct1839199 January 23, 2011 at 12:56 am

Thanks, I always appreciate that you take notice of the appearance changes of the site. I think we finally have it where we're happy with it. I spent more hours then I would ever care to admit to get it here, but I am finally happy with the result. Your lucky in that way, your site has looked awesome from day one.


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