Broke Professionals Blog Notes/Update 2-1-11

by Broke Professional on February 1, 2011 · 2 comments blog updateHappy February!

*Today our site gave its first “interview” of sorts.  It was on another blog and you can read the “interview” here (it is somewhat strange being interviewed when your an anonymous blogger).  I was asked to name a few “twitter” people I like to follow so I mentioned @bfinance, @growrichsimply, @moneycone, @sustainablepf, @mjtm and @tsmoneyblog.

*I also am really excited because I received word today that a guest post I submitted to is scheduled to run March 7, 2011.  I’m sure a lot of our readers are familiar with Daily Blog Tips, the site has the four digit Alexa rank every blogger would be very envious of…, If you are not familiar with Daily Blog Tips then check it out for some awesome blogging advice.    (I recommend particularly checking it out on March 7, 2011).

*Friday we are going to have a blog swap on the subject of “best day-to-day” blogging advice, so I will be swapping with Ms. T of  Please read her post on my site and then go on over to her site and read my post.  She has a really cool site about saving money and being environmentally conscious.

*We have received some feedback on some of the new things we are trying on our site, and it appears that our “Can we last a Month series” and the “Spouse Off” have met with a great reception.  We will continue to track our Shetland Sheepdog Sophie’s battle to defeat the Dow Jones in picking stocks despite a somewhat indifferent initial response (We just don’t have the heart to break it to her).  Some of the other things we have attempted we will stick with for a little while, but we are not afraid to (like a TV station with a lame sitcom) pull the plug rather quickly (We’re looking at you, Fictional Wealth!”).

*We want to create content everyone likes, otherwise we’re just wasting everyones time.  So, as always, feedback is really appreciated, positive or negative.

We’re starting to have some decent numbers signing up for our RSS Feed.  If you haven’t already, please do so.  You can sign up here:

Under the “ETC.” Page above, we have listed the food we started with in this month’s “Can We Last a Month” challenge to only eat food in our own apartment.  I also created a list of 52 things you can do with your Significant other for under $10.00 filed under “ETC” as well.

One final point, we have decided that we are not going to follow a set pattern of when to post.  We will try to have consistency but we do not want to be ridged and we feel that our readers appreciate an element of surprise as well.

Thanks again for reading!

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1 Cowtown Realist February 1, 2011 at 11:29 pm

Congrats on the guest blog post! I just signed up for your RSS and I think you write a lot of content that I am interested in so keep up the great work!


2 admin February 1, 2011 at 11:36 pm

Thanks for the kind words. I enjoy reading your blog as well. I hope all is well in Calgary! Here in the Northeast U.S. we have been getting pounded with a ton of snow and ice week after week……..I’m guessing you have no sympathy for us. Let me know if you ever want to write a guest post for our site,


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