What Broke Professionals is Reading – February 13 through February 19th

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What Broke Professionals is ReadingEvery Saturday here at BrokeProfessionals.com, Mrs. BP and I make a list of our 8 favorite posts of the past week. We also pick our favorite post of the week.

Broke Professionals Post of the Week:

1) The Simple DollarIt’s Harder to Get Started Today.  This post confirmed a lot of things that I have been feeling.  A common topic of our site is the feeling that we have done everything we thought society told us to do, and yet we are really struggling financially.  The six figure student loan debt we have is something our parents never had to contend with.   (of course not—my parents never went to college).  Our parents bought their homes in the 70’s for $30,000.00. The interest rates were killer, but we are still paying much more for housing today (despite the “bubble burst”) than our parents generation.  We have no promise of social security or retiring.  I also read the other day that the middle class’ salary has decreased when taking into account inflation since the 1970’s and yet the average salary of the richest 1% keeps increasing and increasing.  This post, by the always awesome the Simple Dollar really points out these factors.  Of course this article preaches to the choir, but what a great read.  Go check it out!

The Best of the Rest: In No Particular Order

2) Frugal DadA Grocery Shopping Hiatus: How Long Can You Eat From the Pantry? – Sure we are partial to this post since it links to and is in response to our “Can We Last a Month Only Eating Food Already in Our Apartment” Challenge, but it is also a really well written and interesting article.  My only criticism is it should have mentioned us by name (lol) instead of just linking to us.  We’ll take it though.  Thanks for highlighting our challenge!  If anyone has some really high quality guest posts I would recommend trying send them Frugal Dad’s way, that site can give you a lot of traffic.

3) Mom’s Plan – Finding Personal and Familial Fulfillment One Cheerio at a Time – You have to love any blog that does not care about SEO, first of all.  With a title like this I see that Mom’s Plan is probably much like our site….could not care all that much.  The article itself is just a really pleasant and enjoyable read.  It is an extended metaphor about….well, just go head over and read it for yourself.  Of course it involves Cheerios.  Also, thank you for running Mrs. BP’s guest post over at your site this week as well!

4) Cents to SaveShort Sale Shenanigans – Oh that lovely purgatory that is waiting for a bank to respond to a short sale offer.  Humorous letter (intentionally humorous…. or not?) included with this post.  Good luck on getting that response!

5) The College InvestorAwful Customer Service Experience – Seems like something the Consumerist should inspect!

6) Free From Broke Ditch that Spending Plan – Free from Broke makes our weekly best of list two weeks in a row, with this ably written post about the concept that a reward (such as vacation) might be more motivating than outright restricting yourself.  I have often read that willpower is like a muscle, and if you hold back too long eventually you will “splurge.”  This concept is discussed in this article and offers a somewhat contrarian view of budgeting.

7) Small Biz Big DreamsEscaping the 9-5 is Wrong About Passion and Business – Welcome to the Yakezie, this article proves that Small Biz Big Dreams Will be an Interesting Addition to the Network.  While I am personally not usually a huge fan of posting as a call-out of another blog, this post was done with tact and understanding rather than “I know I am right!” hyperbole.  The question is whether passion and financial business success can ever be combined.  This post asks, “if they can’t, then why bother?”

8) The Dividend Guy BlogThe Right Time to Buy a Stock, That’s B.S. – Just a really solid overview of why you “can’t time the market.”

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