What Broke Professionals is Reading: February 27-March 5

by Broke Professional on March 5, 2011 · 5 comments

What Broke Professionals is ReadingEvery Saturday here at BrokeProfessionals.com, Mrs. BP and I make a list of our 8 favorite posts of the past week. We also pick our favorite post of the week.

Broke Professionals Post of the Week:

1. Money Cone: Had You Bought Apple Shares Instead of Apple Products – Well, to be sure our regular readers know that to us Broke Professionals, Money Cone can do no wrong.  Money Cone pretty much walks on water in our eyes.  We interviewed Money Cone on personal finance and Money Cone is often included in our “What We’re reading” series.  The admiration continues with this well researched and creative post on just how much money you would have had you invested in Apple shares at certain points in time rather than in the Mac products themselves.  Hint: if you bought Apple Shares rather than a few of the original ipods and held on all this time you would be able to send your kids to college now.  Really great focus on saving and investing rather than purchasing “products,” no matter how cool.  Thank you for yet another great post, Money Cone.


The Best of the Rest (In no particular order)

2. Frugal Dad: Twelve Frugal Apps that Make it Hip to be Square – Whether you want to avoid red light intersection cameras or simply save money at the local grocery store, this awesome list of apps will help keep your hard earned money in your pocket.  Being frugal?  There’s an app for that.  I also want to say thank you again to Frugal Dad for posting my guest post this week.  I really enjoyed the experience and I am very grateful for the opportunity.

3. I Will Teach You to be Rich: Recap: The 30 Day Course on Hustling Your Way to Success – Go check out all the information on how to use systems and “automatic scripts” to deal successfully with any number of difficult situations, whether it is negotiating a raise or negotiating a lower cable bill.  I have been thinking a lot about doing rather than planning lately, as I tend to be a “learner” or an “idea man” rather than someone who actually takes a leap of faith and puts ideas into action.  I actually wrote a guest post on this subject (which has yet to be approved where I sent it), so this blog series was something I wish I had seen earlier.  Now that I have there is so much great info to check out.  I’m going to read it all, and it seems like that is sound advice for just about anyone.  I particularly like the advice that people want to help you.  We have begun reaching out to some of our heroes for interviews, which we will be posting in the upcoming weeks.  And you would be amazed how far a genuine email or letter will get you with people who for all intents and purposes should be way out of your presumed social network.  We all should stop being so afraid of rejection and start putting ourselves out there more, it appears.

4. Buck InspireThe Black Swan Blogger – An honest review of what blogging is sort of like (particularly when you are a newbie/non pro blogger) while at the same time a deserving ode to the very talented Budgeting in the Fun Stuff, this post stuck with me throughout the week.  Awesome job and very creative.  I went to see all 10 best picture nominees last weekend for an intense movie marathon and I wish I had read this post first! Thanks Buck Inspire for the cool post! By the way the Budgeting in the Fun Stuff link takes you to a cool post about saving money in college, a great post that finished just outside our top 8 of the week.

5. Lazy Man and Money6 Comcast Secrets: Some of them Dirty – I grew up in the greater Philadelphia area and I grew up with Comcast.  Since my youth, Comcast has become a behemoth in the industry (and beyond).  This is an informative post that taught me things I never knew about my favorite cable company.  Did you know that DVR info will be lost if you upgrade or in some cases repair your DVR?  One mystery remains that I want to get to the bottom of: can you purchase rather than rent a cable box?  Cool article on a subject I have never even given much thought to prior to reading the entry.

6. Bargaineering: 4 Expenses You Must Negotiate – Great reminder of certain expenses everyone should negotiate, such as credit card rates and big ticket electronics.  I would add cable bills to the mix.

7. Aloysas Kitchen Sink: Talk it Out Series- Don’t Look Back – Great new series about relationship advice and personal finance from Aloysa.  The first edition deals with a woman thinking about marrying a man who just may never learn from his personal finance mistakes.  Go check it out and give some advice.  I think Aloysa is saying the girl should run while she still can.  I may have to agree.

8.  The Simple Dollar: I don’t want to be your client.  I don’t want to be your lender.  I want to be your friend – I love the Simple Dollar, and more so since I learned Trent is, like me, a euro board gamer.  (call me a nerd if you want).  This post is about not allowing worlds to collide and choosing sides.  People should either be your friend or a business contact, mixing the two together always seems to get messy.  Very good read, as is par for the course for the Simple Dollar.

We normally don’t highlight work on our own site, but an exception has to be made for the very awesome guest post by 101 Centavos, about splurging on an anniversary.

Happy reading!

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1 Buck Inspire March 5, 2011 at 4:39 pm

Thanks Team BP! Glad you enjoyed the post. Are we going to see a post on your 24 hour movie marathon? I love movies, but don’t know if I could handle that! Which was your favorite? Finally, awesome roundup and way to inject your own flavor to the articles. Keep up the great work! :)


2 Mr. Broke Professional March 5, 2011 at 4:43 pm

The thing about the movie marathon is that we were given $40.00 in gift cards as part of the deal. We quickly found out the theater and its concession stand would be open all night, so we purchased endless popcorn and sodas so we could eat and drink the rest of the day for free (beyond the original expenditure). That way we could go back to the theater some other time and have giftcard money left. (we ended up splurging on some chicken fingers later anyway).

Our favorite movies of the 10 nominated were as follows:

Mr. BP)

1) Social Network
2) The Fighter
3) Winter’s Bone
4) 127 Hours

Mrs. BP

1) The Fighter
2) Winters Bone
3) Black Swan
4) 127 Hours

We will definitely be doing it again next year, God willing. An awesome time. Although we both got colds this week, probably from being up 28 straight hours last weekend. lol.


3 Crystal March 5, 2011 at 5:07 pm

Thanks so much for the mention! Buck’s post stuck with me this whole week too. It was a very appreciated surprise!


4 MoneyCone March 6, 2011 at 12:42 am

Wow BP! What can I say – you always say the kindest things! I’m very humbled! Thanks much for the kind words, much appreciated!


5 Aloysa March 7, 2011 at 1:41 pm

Thank you for mentioning my new series. :-) Quite a nice list of articles you are reading. :-)


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