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by Suba on June 6, 2011 · 7 comments

I have not posted anything last week (sorry about that, I will resume a normal posting schedule this week) because we were at Walt Disney World. It was a last minute trip. My husband had to travel for work to Orlando, so we decided to make a vacation out it. I had to spend money for my flight tickets, WDW tickets and the hotel for the extra nights. His flight and 3 days hotel were taken care of. So here I am. I will write a detailed trip report/review of restaurants when I get back but here are some thoughts and observations that won’t fit in any post.

  • There are soo many people visiting Walt Disney World. It was a costly-ish trip for the 2 of us, I can’t imagine how much it would cost for a family of 5. Not a cheap vacation!
  • For a lot of people this is not the first trip (the maximum I saw was 21st trip; it was on their T-Shirts). What do people see there to go every single year spending this much money? (I am not judging or anything, just genuinely curious)
  • This comment might sound anti-feminist, I am a woman and this is not to be taken that way. A lot of women were wearing skimpy clothes, a see-through lose t-shirt on top of a bikini. Shouldn’t there be a minimum dress code for a kid’s theme park? Like at least cover 10% of your body or something?  While in line for one of the rides, I heard a couple of people pass comments about a particularly skimpily clad 18-20yr old in from of me, one of which was a single word…”Niiccee!”!  What surprised me was the fact that she seemed to have come with her parents!
  • There was a movie thing about conservation in EPCOT/Land. Timon and Pumba building a dam to construct a theme park, then Simba telling them how destructive it is to waste land like that. I found it hilarious to see that in a … theme park.  My husband on the other hand found it so interesting that he slept for 12 out of the 14 minutes that the show ran.
  • How can people wait for 100+ minutes to see/ride a 30 sec attraction? With Fastpass we never waited for more than 20 minutes anywhere. How come they choose to not get a Fastpass and stand in line? (I understand you can get only one Fastpass at a time, but with some planning all the FP attractions can be seen without standing in line).
  • Lot of people are staying in the Disney resorts. What is the advantage of staying there vs other hotels within Disney? For example the Hilton Disney which is 1/4 of the price?
  • All the cast members have been exceptionally polite and helpful.
  • Why do some people never clean up after themselves? We saw a family leave Dibs boxes and Coke cups near a tree, when the trash can was within 10 ft from where they threw their garbage!!
  • And finally why on earth does every single hotel have a beauty pageant? Teen beauty pageant, coed beauty pageant and we even saw one for toddlers, all of them dressed up by their parents and crying & running around…

Some titbits/trivia I learned about Walt Disney World

  • There are at least 6 weddings happening in Disney every single day. They have a wedding package that costs more than $70,000! You can add the Cinderella’s glass carriage with white horses for an extra fee (I don’t want to know how much that costs).
  • Next to the Department of Defense, WDW is the largest purchaser of explosives in the country.
  • Mickie has over 300 dresses, Minnie has 365 pairs of shoes and Donald Duck has over 150 shirts.
  • WDW Magic Kingdom’s parking lot would fit all of Disneyland ( the one in Anaheim ).
  • The whole of Magic Kingdom is sitting on the second floor. The first floor or the basement floor is for cast members to change and go from one place to another.
  • Walt Disney World covers 47 square miles (about the size of San Francisco). Only about 25% of that is developed, the rest is used as wilderness preserve.
  • WDW is the largest single site employer in the USA, employing over 60,000 people to create the magic.
  • Among those, over 5500 people work just at night cleaning, landscaping and preparing the park for the next day.
  • All the sidewalks are steam cleaned every night!


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1 Pamela June 6, 2011 at 8:16 am

My parents took me to Disney World when I was 11 years old. I hated it.

The rides were really dull and I never got over the disappointment that Cinderella’s castle was just a bare shell surrounding a gift shop instead of a cool place you could climb around and explore.

That was my first realization that I was a really weird kid and that I’d probably grow up to be a really weird adult.


2 Practical Parsimony June 6, 2011 at 2:18 pm

As a feminist I would say that women have the right to bare all the skin they want. However, there is a time and place for baring skin. Also, there is a time and place for display of assets. We should not have to enforce sumptuary laws. I live miles from the ocean or a resort, yet I see young women in bikinis in places of business all the time. Yes, they are barefoot, and we don’t steam-clean the sidewalks. As for her parents being there, today it seems parents have given away their authority in an effort to be friends/not be seen as old-fashioned/give the child choices. Baloney! The trouble is that parents lose control when the child is two or three and don’t have the fortitude/skills/or will to take the hard road and regain control and make decisions to enforce better behavior. I have seen girls all covered up with logos/words/sayings on the seats of their pants that are too suggestive, considering the location of the words. I don’t think it is in good taste for males or females to wear these, not that males do. In conclusion, just because we have the right to do something doesn’t mean that it is always prudent to do so. I hope I can still keep my feminist card.


3 Ginger June 8, 2011 at 1:11 pm

I just got married and I spent more than I should so maybe I should not be saying this but who has the money for a $70,000 wedding. On another note, I think that the fact that Disney is 2nd to the military in buying explosives is hilarious.


4 Philly area June 9, 2011 at 9:54 am

Pamela! That was my first reaction to DisneyWorld as well. My first two trips there were in the summer as an adult on business and I thought, “ugh, what a letdown.” The emperor has no clothes, etc. Anyway, then I became a parent and I had to do what I called Disney duty.

The first time we stayed in the African Safari hotel which I really did enjoy, but the theme park was only ok. The lines were certainly shorter and the weather more pleasant because we went in early March. The kids had a nice time but seemed to like the hotel pool more than anything else. I’d have liked it more if it had cost about half as much.

The next time we brought the kids, we went in February of 2009 and I have to say even I had a WONDERFUL time. We got a great deal on the Fort Wilderness cabins. We ate a character breakfast every morning thanks to the dining plan. There were no lines to speak of. It really was a dream vacation.

Now we’re planning on going again next winter. We’ll take the kids out of school – so far we’ve got $500 in Disney bucks on our Chase visa. We’re hoping to get another great deal on the cabins. I honestly don’t think we could ever top our last vacation there, it was that good.


5 Everyday Tips June 13, 2011 at 8:33 am

I can tell you how expensive Disney is for a family of 5 – very, very! However, we do enjoy it. We went this past April and my oldest son ended up pretty sick so we didn’t use all our tickets. But, that is life I guess.

A lot of people stay in the resorts to get access to the ‘magic hours’. However, I treat Disney trips as relaxing, and I don’t want to be at a park from 8 am to 3 in the morning or whatever the hours are. I like staying in a condo that comfortably holds our family of 5 for 1/3rd of the price. (Those Disney rooms are SMALL!)

Regarding the showing of skin, I think a lot of people do it to show of their tattoos. Also, some people just don’t care. These things seem to go in waves.


6 Kay Lynn @ Bucksome Boomer July 2, 2011 at 9:18 pm

Interesting facts; the one about the explosives really caught my eye. I really like the look of Disneyland better than Disney World. I do like Epcot a lot.

On our last trip to Orlando we rented a 5 bedroom home with a private pool/jacuzzi for only $167/night which was divided by 5 couples. Much cheaper than staying on the Disney property.


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