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Cheap insurance for young drivers can seem impossible, especially if they are under the age of 25 when they pass their test. To keep the cost down, it is necessary to get a number of quotes for various insurance companies before you find the one that is the most affordable.

But there are a number of other factors that can help you to achieve cheap insurance for young drivers, such as getting them to take an advanced driving course, to choose a sensible car and one that isn’t too expensive or with any extras on it, such as alloy wheels and finally, to encourage them to keep their annual mileage as low as possible.

Car insurance is a legal requirement and driving without it can result in a fine, points on your licence and even a ban. It can be expensive and as such, consideration should be given as to what kind of car you intend to drive.

Different makes and models of car are put into certain insurance brackets and when choosing one, it is worth finding out what insurance bracket it will come into. For example, if you drive a top of the range sports car, then you can certainly expect to pay a much higher insurance premium that if you were to choose a Fiesta or a Citroen.

Having a car means that the insurance has to be a constant thing and money can be saved by paying for this on a monthly basis, rather than in one go and this can be done by paying a direct debit straight to the insurance company from your bank.

As the insurance needs to be renewed on the same date every year, it is worth looking around for new quotes a few weeks before this date is due to see if you can find a cheaper quote somewhere else. Delaying doing this can potentially cost you a lot of money and by changing the policy to a different, cheaper, insurance company it can help you save huge amounts of money on an annual basis.

Being a safe and careful driver can bring financial reward when looking for cheaper car insurance, as the number of years of no claims can add up to a substantial saving. The more years you can go without making a claim on your car insurance policy for things such as accident damage and theft from the vehicle, the bigger discount you will be entitled to receive.

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