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Internet commerce is big business now. Billions of dollars of revenue are now being generated by online stores and services. However, many people are uncomfortable giving out their credit card information.

There are several options that now make it possible for anyone to shop safely online. There are various prepaid cards that can be bought that make online shopping an easy and safe experience.

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Prepaid cards allow the shopper to pay for purchases online without having to worry that important financial information can be stolen by identity thieves. A prepaid card has a set dollar value on it. When that amount has been spent, the card becomes void.

There is never any personal information on the card that anyone can use for illegal purposes. These cards are great for people who can’t get a regular credit card due to financial circumstances. They are ideal for parents to give to their teenagers.

The teenagers will be able to buy whatever they want with the amount of money on the card. Unlike regular credit cards your kids will not be able to run up a huge credit card bill.

This is a great teaching tool for your kids because it sets a spending limit and they know that when they have reached it, they will not be able to purchase more items. Prepaid credit cards can save parents many headaches when it comes to the family finances.

Most people feel comfortable using their credit card online as long as the website is a safe site that is properly encrypted to stop identity theft. A way to tell if the website is safe is to look to the bottom right of the browser screen and see if there is a locked padlock symbol appearing there.

If there is, it means the site is safe and properly encrypted. Most shops on the internet have a commercial shopping cart service that allows their site to be safe. When you shop using a credit card you know you will be protected against faulty merchandise or services that were not as promised.

It is possible to dispute the charges with the credit card company and they will investigate the charges. If the card issuer agrees with your claims, you are automatically refunded your purchase money.

A lot of individuals now have Paypal accounts. This is one of the easiest and safest ways to shop online. Paypal is a company that stores your credit card information for you.

When you make a purchase the vast majority of online merchants allow you to pay using Paypal. All you have to do is click on the Paypal button. This takes you to your Paypal login page.

You log into your account and agree to the charges. Paypal takes care of the sale and the online store will never see your private information. If there is a credit card dispute you can apply to Paypal to mediate for you.

If the mediation is not successful you can then file a dispute with Paypal. They will look into the matter for you and if they decide in your favor, the money will be refunded to your credit card.

Prepaid credit cards are a great idea for anyone on a limited budget who would still like to make purchases on the internet. No personal information is ever associated with this type of credit card.



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