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by Suba on December 11, 2011 · 37 comments

This week I have the pleasure of hosting the Yakezie Carnival. The Yakezie is the largest network of personal finance and lifestyle bloggers on the web and I’m excited to share some of the best articles from the group. There were so many great articles submitted, so rather than have me go on and on, let’s get right to them!

***Editor’s Picks***

Don’t Quit Your Day Job…: Should You Get a Degree or Drive a Truck? – A Twitter conversation between 3 Yakeziers turned into a case study of truck driving versus have a degree in your late 20s. Both hours worked and incomes are included in this epic post (and we also included perspectives from a truck driver!).

RamblingFever Money: Driving a Truck vs. Financing a Degree – Ever wonder how the numbers might have played out if you had become a truck driver instead of getting that degree (or the other way around)?

DollarVersity: How You Can Confront The Beliefs Limiting You From Starting a Business – What’s holding you back from starting your own side business in your 20s? You want to know the answer? It’s you. This is how you can overcome the barriers.

Sustainable Personal Finance: Making Money Online – 4 Decades of Deals – It hit me earlier this year that I have been using the Internet spanning four decades. In each of those decades I have found ways to make money online, but not in the first way that you probably thinks.


Money Cone: Why You Should Have a credit Card Issued by a Credit Union – Big Banks put shareholders interest ahead of customer interest. So do Credit Unions. But with a Credit Union, you are the shareholder.

Narrow Bridge Finance: Why You Should Not Keep Everything at One Bank – Reasons to not have all of your accounts at one bank.

***Business & Career***

Investor Junkie: Starting a Business: Monetize What You Know – Starting a side hustle is a dream for many. However, it’s easier to start a business based on something you know. You don’t always need specific knowledge to be successful with a business, but it can smooth the way. If you are expert in an area, there are ways to build a business around what you know.

Sweating the Big Stuff: Why You Shouldn’t Do What You Love for a Career – Making money is great, but doing what you love for a living can be dangerous. Here’s why!

Finance Fox: Thinking of going back to your former employer? – Would you? – Returning to a former employer is real trend and it’s happening in all industries. The trend is appropriately dubbed as “boomeranging.”


My Journey to Millions: Happy First Birthday, My Boy – Having you come into my life has completely changed it.

Free Money Wisdom: November Stats and Income Update – Welcome to my November blog and income update! Notice I added “income” to the title. Guess what everyone, I’m going to start sharing my income reports from this blog. I’ve had numerous requests to share this information, so why not right?

Budgeting in the Fun Stuff: Christmas Cash and Charity Giveaway!! – In the holiday spirit of giving, I am giving away a $100 Amazon gift card or cash to a random commenter below and another $100 to the charity above that receives the most of your votes.

Cash Flow Mantra: Yakezie Challenge Results for November – Primarily I would like to review my stats from November and set a few goals going into the last month of the Yakezie Challenge. I am looking forward to a strong finish despite the likely impact that the holiday season may play.

***Credit & Debt***

Free From Broke : The Best Credit Cards for Small Businesses – Does your small business need a line of credit? The best small business credit cards will offer up many benefits to help you and your business.

Financial Success for Young Adults: Debt: The Elephant in the Room – Debt is a reality for most college students. Don’t be afraid to manage your debt so that you can have money to invest.

Watson Inc: Is it Possible To Live Without Debt? – Some feel that it is almost impossible to live without some debt. This post discusses whether it is possible to live debt free lifestyle

***Financial Independence***

Invest It Wisely: The Three Stages of Financial Despair – The road to financial independence isn’t always smooth and straight. There can be stumbling blocks along the way, and it’s also possible to end up on the road to financial despair.

Living in Financial Excellence: Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – If you’ve ever gone through tough times, you’ve learned to live without. Too many of us are unwilling to give up some of those creature comforts until we’re forced to give them up. When we’re forced into the situation, we often find it’s not as hard as we thought it would be.

Money Talks Coaching: 10 Ways to Stay Poor Forever – Here’s the top 10 ways to stay poor… forever.

Money Q&A: Is The American Dream Dead Or Alive? – Is the American Dream dead? I don’t think that it is. We all continue to want to the same things in life, and the economy has only intensified our ability to be resilient and optimistic.

One Cent At A Time: Only you can take care of your finance – You, only you are responsible for your own financial life. Each cent drains and each cent you miss to earn is because of you. You are your biggest coach and biggest enemy when it comes to personal finance.


Beating Broke: Have a Holiday Spending Plan: Don’t Dread January – Follow these tips to rein in your holiday purchases this season:

Money Is the Root: The Gift of Want – If your child is asking and hoping for an expensive gift item this year, you may want to gear up to handle disappointment if they don’t receive it.bOne way to do so is to give them the gift of want.

Thriftability: Holiday Habits: Shopping for Yourself – Have you ever shopped for yourself during the holidays? Is this selfish – or normal?


Invest in the Markets: How to Trade Real Estate Investment Trusts – Real Estate Investment Trusts provide capital appreciation with dividends… all the while allowing you to be a landlord without all the hassle.

Money Reasons: Having Stock Dividends Pay Money For Allowance – Why not establish a passive income stream via dividend stocks now? This will take the mystery about of such a concept and make it more real.

krantcents: $12K Will Make You Rich – Invest early, regularly and reinvest dividends will help you achieve financial goals.

Novel Investor: New Cost Basis Reporting Changes For 2012 – New cost basis reporting changes are coming next year for mutual funds, ETFs and DRIPs. These new changes and how you manage your investments could have a big impact on your taxes.

Investorz Blog: Different Kinds of Stocks – All investors have different goals and risk tolerance levels. That is why you must find the right type of stock for you (assuming that you are interested in investing). In this article, YFS explains common stock, preferred stock, and much more.

BeatingTheIndex: Eagle Energy Trust: A Dream Come True For Income Investors? – Eagle is currently yielding 12% at current prices but unlike the ex-trust dividend paying energy corporations it is 100% weighted to oil, with no debt and is expecting to achieve its 50% payout ratio target for the next 3 years.


Money Beagle: Don’t Forget To Check For Promo Codes – Always check to see if you can save money when shopping online.

So You Think You Can Save: 7 Ways To Save Money On Gas – Follow these tips all the time, not just when prices are high!

Prairie Eco Thrifter: How to Save Money on Transport Costs – Ditching your car in favour of using public transport more often is great for the environment and by not having your car on the road as much, you can do your bit for the planet. As well as being more green, it can also be good for your wallet too. Here’s how to save money on getting around.

HowToSaveMoney.ca: How to Minimize Your Cell Phone Bill with a Smartphone and Data Plan – The Internet has significantly changed the way we communicate. Many people have already eliminated their monthly home phone by using Voice over IP (VoIP). Similarly, the business case for Enterprise VoIP is compelling. It eliminates separate voice and data services and the associated cost of maintenance.

World of Finance: How to Make Money on Black Friday – Find out how to make some extra money during the holidays!

Penny Pinching Professional: Cell Phones Are Like Soup? – Have you ever looked at your cell phone bill and wondered what it reminded you of? The answer is a can of soup!

The Frugal Toad: Ready to go Travel? – Try a Vacation Rental for Big Savings – Vacation rentals are becoming a popular choice for today’s traveler because of the flexibility they can offer. Vacation rentals come in a variety of options: budget studios, luxury highrise apartments, cottages and cabins, and bed and breakfast inns. Vacation rentals also offer flexible length of stays from overnight to monthly to accommodate the tourist as well as the business traveler.

***Spending, Insurance, Taxes & Others***

The College Investor: How America Does Personal Finance Better – America has a lot of good things going for it when it comes to supporting personal finance. See how!

101 Centavos: A Brief History of Insurance – The following post was contributed by Nina Bernice exclusively for 101centavos.com. The need to protect ourselves against risks is one of the oldest and insurance is the perfect way to do so, learn more here!

Thousandaire: Thousandaire Countdown #4 – The Adult Baby Song – The number four song on the Thousandaire Countdown is the Adult Baby song. It talks about an adult baby and why taxpayers shouldn’t fund his lifestyle

Live Real, Now: Future Me Returns – What would your future-you have to say to you? Here is what mine has to say to me.

Bucksome Boomer: 6 Ways to Earn Citizen Rewards – The other day my co-worker recounted his recent experience catching a vandal spray painting graffiti in his neighborhood. Not only was he happy to have the person responsible for repeated bouts of tagging away from his home, but there was a side benefit.

My Multiple Incomes: Google Penalized My Site’s Page Rank, and How I Got It Back – How I overcame a Google penalty, and how you can use my same strategies.

Money Cactus: Wealth Creation Online: Your Finances Simplified Interview – This interview is with a relatively new blogger at Your Finances Simplified. YFS has plenty to contribute to the personal finance scene and isn’t afraid of colorful language or a little hard work.

My Broken Coin: Battling Shopping Addiction: Self-Assessment – Discover how I am going to fight the battle against shopping addiction. I’ve struggled with this problems and here is my personal story.

PT Money Personal Finance: Deadline for Qualified Charitable Distribution Approaching – Discusses the renewal of the tax-free qualified charitable distribution provisions, the benefits, and the deadline.


Suba is the editor of Broke Professionals.

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