Yakezie Carnival : Better late than never edition

by Suba on January 10, 2012 · 44 comments

This week’s Yakezie Carnival is coming a day late. I was down with the flu. I apologize for the delay. Without further ado, I am happy to share with you some of this week’s best content on the web.

American Debt Project: Rice and Beans: Stop Disrespecting ‘Em – Here are five great rice and beans recipes that will have you second-guessing whether you want to describe the dreaded “budget diet” as one consisting solely of rice and beans!

Watson Inc: 4 Reasons You Should Set Unrealistically High Goals – Shouldn’t goals have a strong basis in reality? Here are 4 reasons you should set unrealistically high financial goals.

Debt Black Hole: My Biggest Financial Nemesis: G.O.T.E. (Going Out To Eat) – How much do you usually spend eating out every month? Here’s a detailed look at what we spent in 2011 & 2010. We’re still in shock about the totals & have already put a plan in place to get this unnecessary spending under control for 2012.

The College Investor: Stop Paying Bank Fees – With bank fees still on the rise, make it your New Year’s Resolution to stop paying outrageous bank fees!

Frugal Zeitgeist: Can You Lose Weight Only With Cardio? – A quick look over the numbers and discussion around the possibility of using just cardiovascular exercise to lose weight.

Saving Money Today: Why I Like Stocks That Pay Dividends – One of the best ways to increase your net worth and build wealth is to invest in stocks that pay dividends.

Money Cone: Weekend Project: Saving Money by Switching to Prepaid – Goal: To save money by cutting down on a recurring expense – my monthly cell phone bill – to a prepaid plan without changing my phone number.

My Journey to Millions: January 2012 Net Worth Update – Our net worth reflected a positive change from January 2011 to January 2012 of 72.77%! Wow am I proud of The Wife and I. Some interesting (to me) facts:

Invest It Wisely: Recap of Personal Goals for 2011 – Happy New Year! The beginning of the new year is a common time to make new goals for the year ahead. First, let’s take a look at my goals from 2011 and evaluate how I did:

Prairie Eco Thrifter: Is Filling the Tank Emptying Your Wallet – If you change your habits and the way you think, you can significantly reduce your gas costs, which means more money for other things.

Living in Financial Excellence: Start Talking, Stop Enabling and Begin Healing Part 1 – What happens when your child-who you thought had finally moved on to adulthood and in to their own place-has to move back home because of financial difficulties? Stay with me even if your children are not yet out of high school. My hope is that learning what transpired with one family-and knowing this is a pretty common occurrence-will help you plot a better path with your children.

Live Real, Now: Deathbed Relationships – Building a relationship that can survive–or even thrive–in the times when you’ve got very little left to give takes a lifetime of commitment.

Beating Broke: 2011 Beating Broke’s Year in Review – I don’t normally share a whole lot of the behind the scenes things here at Beating Broke, but, I’d like to share some today. First, I want to take a look at some general statistics of the site.

THE Canadian Personal Finance Site: Financial Resolutions for 2012 – In preparation for 2012, I started writing down the things that I’d like to accomplish for the coming year, and I was diligently scribing and wracking my memory for ideas, and making up goals for myself and such, when I remembered that I had done this pretty much every year for a long time. I have obsessively written things down, with goals and stretches, on how I was going to make myself a better person, and make my life better, but at the end of it all, I realized the best way to do this kind of self-improvement exercise.

HowToSaveMoney.ca: Shopping Online Is Safe, Easy and Saves Money – A strong motivator for shopping online is that it can definitely save you a lot of money, not to mention it is also very convenient. You still have to be vigilant ensuring what you are buying is actually well priced, just like you would when shopping in a retail store, but your chances of getting a great deal when shopping online are much higher because comparison shopping and price checks are so quick and easy to do.

The Millionaire Nurse: A Fortune: Is A Lost Claim Owed To You? – There is an estimated one billion in unclaimed life insurance benefits in the US alone. Payouts waiting to go…someplace. Is it possible your family could be owed a life insurance pay out? Learn how to find these ‘lost’ policies.

The Money Principle: Get your ducks in line: goal setting for high impact – This article presents three different ways (formations) to organise our goals. Formation 1 is the more customary ‘scattered fan’ where we set a number of goals and approach these simultaniously. Formation 2 allows for sequenstial achievement of goals. In formation 3 goals are clustered so for maximum leverage. Most of us are stuck in Formation 1 when Formation 2 and 3 afford so much more impact.

My Retirement Blog : Credit Cards and Retirement Planning – With the holiday season upon us many people are running up debt putting their holiday purchases on their credit cards. Running up credit card debt could be hazardous to your retirement plans. If you’re struggling to decide whether to contribute funds to your retirement or pay down your credit card debt, I have some advice.

Darwin’s Money : Social Security Tax Deal for 2012 Explained – Social Security Tax measures were enacted for 2012 which provide a payroll tax holiday to workers up to the FICA cap.

The Penny Hoarder : How I Made $25 by Starting My Taxes – I don’t know if it was an eggnog buzz or my Type A personality, but somehow I found the motivation to get a jump on my taxes over the Christmas vacation. I organized my deductions, scanned receipts and I even uploaded my Quicken data to TurboTax!. Read how I made $25 by starting my taxes.

Broke Professionals : Setting SMART Goals – SMART goals are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. SMART goals sets you up to have targets to achieve and ways to measure progress.

Financial Success for Young Adults : Taxes for Rental Income: Learning How to Time Your Income – End of the year is a great time to manage the taxes for your rental income. Learn how to time your cash flow to reduce your tax burden for property tax.

Frugal Confessions : The Big Reveal: Did We Meet our Goal of Saving 50% of Our Take Home Pay in 2011? – In a word, no. But what a great experience! I always believe that you should shoot for the heavens because when you miss you will still fall among the stars, and I believe we have, read more to see if you agree!

The Family CEO : The Power of Using the Snowflake Method to Pay Off Debt – Read how a User uses The Power of the Snowflake Method to Pay Off Debt.

Finance Fox : From Homeless To Successful – The Story Of One Entrepreneur – Despite tough obstacles we encounter in life, we must keep pushing forward. Resources exist to us for taking and making something out of our selves. Whatever your life goal or dream, remember, it’s never too late to get started.

Funancials : How Does Facebook Make Money? – If you’ve logged into your Facebook recently you may have noticed a feature box above your news feed. If you’re as adventurous as I am, upon your inquisitive click, you were soon face to face with an Indian girl who is much smarter than you. In a very simple video, she introduced Facebook Ads.

Smart Family Finance : New Taxes on Health Insurance Premiums in 2012 and Five Ways to Save on Health Care Expenses – The government is levying new taxes on health insurance premiums in 2012. While your health care plan costs will increase, there are ways to lower your bill.

Newlyweds on a Budget : 2011: A Year in Review – January 2011 started off with a bang. We had just paid off our credit cards, I had started my new job and it seemed we were finally getting control of our budget. Then we decided to do a fun money account for Eric. We put separate money into his own account that he could spend…

Your Finances Simplified : A 6 step plan to dominate your debt – Do you feel like you’re falling into a pit of debt and it’s almost impossible to claw your way out of that mountain of bills? Instead of sitting on your butt and staring off into space yet again, you may want to try a really simple debt repayment strategy!

Passive Income To Retire : Are You Living the Life? – I share my early retirement plan in detail, including target dates and monthly target income amounts. Find out how I am going to do it.

101 Centavos : Kitchen Gardening, the Accidental Side Gig – It’s wintertime, it’s bloody cold in most parts of the country (a balmy, uncharacteristic 61 deg F yesterday here in Tulsa). Read how I created my accidental side gig with kitchen gardening.

Sweating the Big Stuff : Free ATMs Are Coming! Will You Leave Your Big Bank Now? – Ever see a brilliant business idea and think to yourself: why didn’t I think of that? I did that when I read this story about a simple idea that will possibly change a lot of the things we hate about banking. When you use an out-of-network bank, you are often charged by that bank you…Free ATMs Are Coming!

Money Q&A : Eight Ways To Save Money On Car Repairs – Even if you are not knowledgeable about taking your car to the mechanic, there are several ways that you can save money on car repairs. You can educate yourself on ways to save money on car repairs.

My Broken Coin : What I Did Right and Wrong in 2011 – Looking at 2011, I can say that I’ve accomplished a few things (I am not going to talk about any salary increase because there was none) and failed at some.

Thousandaire : Cash in on Unwanted Gift Cards – A gift card is an easy way to get someone a Christmas present. You don’t know the person well enough to know exactly what they would want, but you think you know them well enough to at least pick a store they would like. Sometimes you’re wrong, here’s how to cash in on them!

20s Finances : What to Do When You Are Behind in Debt? – This article explains what to do when you get overwhelmed by your debt. If you fall behind, is it best to give up?

Money Reasons : The Week Before The New Year – The week before the new year is both a restful and a very productive time for many of us physically and mentally. I explain how its almost a magical time

American Debt Project: You Know Aspirational Brands, Now Meet Aspirational Neighborhoods – (I submitted to the last week’s carnival but I like this one a lot better!) Ever thought about how trendy neighborhoods encourage you to spend more money? I talk about the common features of aspirational neighborhoods and they are great places, but not if you’re trying to reduce unnecessary expenses!

Cash Flow Mantra: Popular and Not So Popular Articles on CFM 2011 – I know that many of my current readers may have started reading in the last few months and weren’t around for the beginning of Cash Flow Mantra, so I wanted to look back briefly on 2011 and highlight some of my more popular posts from the year.

Bucksome Boomer: A Look Back at 2011 – Some people might look at year end goal results and think FAIL. I look at it and appreciate what was accomplished. Goals or resolutions are there for us to stretch ourselves and hold one accountable. Without this list, I might not have accomplished any of it.

Thriftability: Going Green in the Kitchen – Going green doesn’t mean you have to spend more money, though. In fact, it should save you money. Going green is about consuming less and living a simpler life—doing more with less. It can also provide you with a little peace of mind that you are treating not only your environment better but also yourself. And what better place to practice living a green life but in the kitchen?

Money Beagle: Online Poker: A Bigger Industry Than I Ever Imagined – I was taken by surprise by how big the online poker industry has become.

So You Think You Can Save: 15 Simple Ways To Save Money – A few quick things could add up to some extra cash this year.

krantcents: Landlord Nightmares! – Landlord nightmares will reduce your profits. Bad tenants will drive away your good tenants and destroy your property.

The Happy Homeowner: Failed Resolutions of New Years’ Past – How many times have you set “killer” resolutions at the start of each new year, only to have them fall flat 2 months in? I have done this countless times, until I learned that reaching goals isn’t nearly as important as setting them the correct way! This post highlights ways you can set your goals in a way that ensures some measure of success.

Budgeting in the Fun Stuff: December 2011 Blog Statistics and Income Update Plus 2011 Annual Totals – My net profit this month before taxes was $22,284.31. WHOO-HOO!!!

Money Is the Root: 2011 Statistics and 2012 Blog Goals – At the beginning of 2011 I didn’t even know I was going to be a blogger, let alone find a way to make a steady stream of side income off these activities. I have learned a lot about blogging, and myself over the past year, and I really look forward to seeing my online as well as personal growth over the next year.

Novel Investor: 2012 Tax Deadline And Other Important Tax Dates – Get a head start on planning your tax return with all the important tax dates for the 2012 tax season.

Money Talks Coaching: How Loans Work – You do pay the bulk of the total interest in the early part of the loan because that is when the balance is the largest. As the balance goes down you are charged less and less interest per month. This allows more of your payment to pay down the loan, which then allows you to pay less interest. It’s a snowball. However, you are always only paying interest on the current balance of the loan. The interest is not loaded at the front.

Family Money Values: High Beta Wealthy and the Forbes 400 – There is a new theory floating around that a group called High Beta Wealthy exist. The idea is that folks in the top 1% of the wealthy don’t stay there – they are ‘high beta’. Read about the 8 risks to becoming a High Beta Wealth Holder and take a quiz to see if you are high beta.

Debt Free By Thirty: A Financial Five Year Plan – Creating a five year plan is a great way to start thinking about the future of your financials.

DebtEye: How to Spend Money Wisely – Spending money wisely is one of the key ingredients in building wealth and staying out of debt. There’s a difference between spending money and wasting money

Investor Junkie: TradeKing Referral – Get $50 from a Friend – TradeKing started their refer a friend program again. Since I’m a TradeKing customer you can apply for this offer.

Free Money Wisdom: Person to Person Lending Guide – So, what if you get stiff armed by a bank? What do you do? Where do you go… Well, this is where person to person lending comes in, also known as peer to peer lending

Don’t Quit Your Day Job…: Stock Picks for 2012! – A fair number of Yakezians have entered this particular stock picking contest, so I present my entry into the Carnival of Misfit Bloggers 2012 Stock-Picking contest. There’s a lot to like in these picks – a little ROE, a sprinkle or ROA, some Price to Book, Increasing Revenues, and plenty of other little details!

Personal Finance Journey: Consider Making New Year’s Goals, Not Resolutions – New Year’s Day and New Year’s resolutions go hand and hand.  Americans, tired of all of the overindulgence of the holidays and their bad habits, resolve to change their lives. Check out a different spin this new year!

Super Frugalette: Better late than never: evaluating 2011 goals – It is important to re-evaluate your annual goals during the year to ensure that you are on the right track to achieving them or re-evaluate them to determine if modifying them in some manner would help ensure that they are achieved.

MoneyCrush: Are You Guaranteeing Yourself a Loss? – Would you invest in something that you knew in advance would always lose 28% a year? I’m pretty sure your answer will be no. But what about consistently putting your money into something that would always cost you 3% a year?

Free Ticket to Japan: Harajuku Girls Fashion – As it relates to fashion in Japan, Harajuku girls are one of the most popular types of Japanese fashion icons, and are known throughout the world for their original costumes.

TotallyMoney: 4 financial resolutions you need to keep – An article about keeping your finance in order with 4 important tips

The MoneyTrail Blog: Teaching Your Kids about Money: January Edition – In an effort to teach kids about money management, we first need to look at the reasonable ways a kid or teen can get money. We investigate 5 sources of income for kids and teens.

Sustainable Life Blog: Financial Goals 2012 – What are you trying to do financially in 2012? Here are my goals

Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance: Foolproof New Years Resolutions Part 2 – Get a glimpse of my personal blogging goals for 2012 and learn why I think New Years Resolutions are inadequate.

Frugal Living: 5 Overlooked Tax Deductions for Freelancers – Being a freelancer doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg come tax time. Make sure to claim some of these often overlooked deductions – remember that every dollar counts, especially when you’re self employed!

Canadian Personal Finance: Have you ever seen a frugal celebrity? – Actress and celebrity Zooey Deschanel has a net worth in the millions and has just filed for divorce from her hubby of 2 years – Ben Gibbard, the lead singer of Death Cab for Cutie. This is not finance news but her lawyer showed how she manages her personal finance for the divorce and it was startling. She has to be the most frugal celebrity out there.

PT Money Personal Finance: Improve Your Finances in 31 Days – Days 1 through 6 of a month-long series aimed at helping readers to take small, actionable steps towards overall financial improvement.

Free From Broke : The Best 0% Balance Transfer Credit Cards – Pay off your credit card debt faster with the a 0% balance transfer credit card. Here are the best 0% balance transfer credit cards that will help you pay down your principal.

Everyday Tips and Thoughts: My Plan To Help the Housing Market – One way that I would help improve the housing market: Have banks invest in the bank owned homes instead of just letting the price plummet.

Faith and Finance: 25 Simple Ways to Save Money – The challenge of finding ways to save money is to find alternatives that cost you less, but still give you the satisfaction you were looking for in the first place. Here are 25 ways to save money by using smart and simple alternatives.

Squirrelers: Looking Forward to Your Financial Success in 2012 – This post discusses why should confidently focus on this being a great year!

Jacob @ My Personal Finance Journey: My Year-End Current Asset Allocation and Net Worth Growth – November-December, 2011 – The goal of this running net worth progress series is twofold- 1) to share how Jacob (as a fairly normal non-financial professional) approach various financial issues that come at him throughout life so that you can use his learnings to assist you in your financial decision making and 2) to make Jacob more accountable in sticking to his various financial goals that he set forth by periodically evaluating his status and making adjustments. This post includes updates from the months of November and December 2011.

Watson Inc: 4 Things To Stop Doing With Your Finances – Often personal finance writers discuss what we need to do; however, it is also what you are willing to walk away from that will determine your future prosperity. Here are 4 disastrous behaviors that you need to stop if you are serious about improving your finances.

One Cent At A Time: Donate Old Eye Glasses to Charities, Help Those Less Fortunate – There are more than a billion people with eye sight problem in this world, who either don’t have access to eye care or, can’t afford eye glasses. If you can donate your unworn glasses for the needy then it will be the the best giving for least money.

Thirty Six Months: Women Investing – Taking a look at the reasons why women are not as involved in actively investing as men.

DollarVersity: Like With Tim Tebow, Customers Only Care About Your Results – Regardless of how much you try to sell yourself, the truth is, people will only consider one thing when judging your business for their needs: results.

Money Cactus: The Yakezie Truth Serum – After joining the Yakezie Network I’ve decided to open up and tell you all about my blog stats and experience so far, if you are a blogger read this and feel better!

Money Spruce: I’m Newly Debt Free! (And Ways You Can Be, Too) – Here are some tips how I became debt free at the end of 2011 and how you can, too.

My Multiple Incomes: Blogging and Freedom of Speech – A look at where your freedom of speech ends when you blog.


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