4 finance lessons young people need to know

by Suba on September 11, 2012 · 0 comments

Being young is one of the most exciting parts of life, however, the personal finance aspect of youth is not that thrilling for the majority of us. Loans online are options that some young people are turning to, however, we should also consider what the key personal finance lessons are to ensure that young people thrive with their personal finances:

  • Loans should always be paid back on time: As a young professional, it can be tempting to let loans roll over and pay them back whenever you have money. This is not recommended because interest builds up over time. If you take out unsecured cash loans for example, you need to pay them back because their unsecured nature means that their interest rate is higher than normal.
  • Check the interest rates of savings accounts: If you do have any savings that you can put into an account, make sure that it has a relatively high interest rate. High interest rates ensure that young people get decent returns on the money that they are investing.
  • Save for a house deposit as early as possible: For young people who want to get on the property ladder, it’s important to start saving as early as they can. This is because deposit benchmarks can change at any time and saving now can give you a good headstart.
  • Read financial media if you want to invest: You can’t go to school to be an investor because it is something that is learned through trial and error. If you want to invest more while you are young, you should read as much financial media as you can so you can learn how the stock exchange works and how companies make and lose money every day.


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