How to Get the Most Out of Selling Your Car

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Knowing how to sell a used car is difficult for many people, especially if they’ve never done it before. However, there are a variety of different ways to make sure you get the most you can for your car without spending too much time trying to sell it or spending a fortune in the process.

Check Your Car’s Value

Before you try to sell your car, you need to know what it’s really worth. Otherwise, you could end up selling your car for less than you could or not selling it at all if you’re trying to get too much money. Use source books like the Kelley Blue Book or Edmund’s Guide to determine the value of your car based on age, mileage and damage. Be honest about the condition of your car. If the car you’re trying to sell has any problems, you need to take this into account when pricing your vehicle.

Newspaper Classifieds

Newspaper classified ads are an oft-forgotten tool in this age of technology when it comes to selling a car. However, newspaper classifieds offer some benefits that online classifieds don’t. Users have to pay a small fee to list their car in the newspaper, which means there will be less competition in the classifieds section for vehicles. Newspaper classified ads also reach people that may not use internet resources for purchasing anything, which still makes up a surprising portion of the population.

Specialized Online Sources

Websites that specialize in helping individuals sell their used cars can be very beneficial for most people since they have a built-in market because consumers already know about them. Sites like are an ideal method to sell cars online for free, especially for sellers looking to move their cars fairly quickly. Ffor the best results, post as many pictures of your car as you can, and if the site allows video, a short, simple video can be helpful as will. Pictures and video will help give a potential buyer peace of mind that nothing is wrong with your vehicle.

Don’t Underestimate the Value of a For Sale Sign

Many people neglect simply putting a for sale sign on their car when trying to sell a used vehicle. Believe it or not, many used cars are sold this way, and if the right person sees your sign, you could sell your car very quickly. Make up a sign or pair of signs that you can put in one or both of your windows that includes the year the car was made, your asking price, the mileage on the odometer and your telephone number. Make sure your signs are visible at all times, especially when you park your car in a busy parking lot or on a busy street.

For the best results, combine traditional newspaper classified ads with specialized online resources. Using all of the resources available to you to try and sell your car will make it more likely that you’ll find a buyer willing to pay your asking price as quickly as possible.

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