Is Changing Your Field Midstream the Best Option?

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Thousands of people have been laid off jobs they have been working at for years, even decades, and the problem does not seem to be getting better. Some people are choosing to change the line of work they are in, in favor of something that might actually pay the bills. However, if you are skilled at something and have a long history of experience under your belt, is this your best option? Changing your field could be as simple as getting whatever job you can find in today’s tough job market, or it could mean going back to school. If you have chosen the latter, you are going to have a hard time going to school and providing for your family, though it can be done.

Dip Into Your Nest Egg

This is of course provided you have one. Many people live hand to mouth, with no security in sight. If you have a bit of money tucked away, this might help you while you obtain an education doing something that is in more popular demand. One job there seems to be no scarcity of is that of a nurse. For this reason, we are seeing a lot of people get into the medical field. Student loans are available to just about anyone, making furthered education easier than ever. If you have old jewelry you have not worn in a long time, you can sell gold to a variety of online sources to bring in some extra bill money.

Wait Until the Dust Settles

If you love what you do then you can continue to hit the pavement until you find a job that is comparable to the one you had, at least within the same field. Changing your line of work may not be an easy transition, but you should be prepared for a long job search and feel lucky if you find something fast enough. Remember, the most important thing is that your family be taken care of in the interim. If you think the dust will settle in this economic crunch any time soon, perhaps you have some insider information we are not privy to. As we see it, we have a long road ahead of us that is only going to get bumpier.

Collect Government Benefits

Do not be so proud that you allow your family to go hungry. If you are out of work and have children, go to your local state or county assistance office and ask for help. While the help you receive may not be close to what you were earning at your job, it will at least help you get through a rocky period. Today pride about being on welfare seems to be outdated for many people. After all, pride has never put food into a child’s mouth, has it? Go to whatever lengths you must to keep your family above water while you try to get back on your feet.


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