Carnival of Passive Investing

by Suba on November 30, 2012 · 2 comments

I’m honored to host this week’s Carnival of Passive Investing. As a passive investor myself, I am passionate about this topic. I was a little disappointed with the number and quality of articles submitted for this edition of the carnival. I know quite a few of my fellow bloggers are passive investors and write great content on this subject. I request everyone to submit to the next edition of this Carnival. It is a great place to learn from and educate others on passive investing. As there were very few articles, I couldn’t come up with an elaborate theme, so without further ado this week’s carnival –

Top Picks

Brent Pittman presents Why Boring Index Funds Can Make You Rich posted at On Target Coach. Index funds are perhaps the most boring investment, yet when combined with dollar cost averaging have the power to make you rich. Being average never felt so good.

Michael presents Why Rebalance Your Portfolio? posted at Financial Ramblings. Simply stated, rebalancing your portfolio helps you to reduce tracking error and keep your risk in check. Nothing more, nothing less. Sure, you can “let your winners run” in hopes of capturing higher returns, but that comes with increased risk.

Best of the rest

Dividend Growth Investor presents Buy and Hold means Buy and Monitor posted at Dividend Growth Investor. Experienced dividend investors have learned, mostly through practice, that successful dividend investing is focused on continuous analysis of new or existing investments. Some of the greatest dividend growth stocks today, could become the pariahs on Wall Street within a few short years, if it runs into financial trouble. As a result, serious dividend investors should keep a close tab on their portfolios of income securities.

Ken Faulkenberry presents Dividend Growth Compounding Versus Interest Compounding posted at Arbor Investment Planner. Interest compounding is a powerful financial concept, but dividend growth compounding multiplies the benefits of exponential growth.

stefanz presents Benjamin Graham – Investing: Strategy, Risk, Tools, and more… – Skuzet posted at Investing: Strategy, Risk, Tools, and more… I am writing a series of articles on the life and investment philosophies of successful investors. Benjamin Graham, being one of the most successful investors, certainly could not be skipped.

John Schmoll presents You Won’t Reach Retirement Without Saving for It posted at Frugal Rules. Saving for retirement is not something that happens overnight, rather it takes years of commitment. Start investing now, even if in small amounts, and put time on your side. One of the easiest ways to begin is to take advantage of free money offered in 401k matches.


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1 Ken Faulkenberry - Arbor Investment Planner November 30, 2012 at 10:50 pm

Thank you for including my post on Dividend Growth Investing.


2 Jacob @ My Personal Finance Journey December 1, 2012 at 2:55 pm

Thanks so much for hosting Suba!


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