Low Cost but Highly Treasured Holiday Gifts for Parents

by Marie on November 18, 2013 · 1 comment

Your parents have had a lifetime (yours!) to find and obtain the things they want and need. It can be difficult to find that perfect holiday gift for them.

As a parent, and grandparent, I’ve given and gotten a wide range of gifts. Here are my thoughts on low cost, highly valuable holiday gifts for your parents.

Their family together for the holidays.

You and their other children, the grandchildren, together under one roof or at the dinner table. This is one very special gift that I long to receive and usually do. There is a feeling like none other when your most closely loved family members are enjoying each others company together on a holiday. It reassures your parents that they did an OK job of raising you. It makes them feel that the family will continue after they are gone when siblings, spouses and cousins enjoy visiting together.


Guess who dragged you to Kmart or the portrait studio every 3 months when you were a baby to get a picture? Guess who proudly still displays every single one of your school pictures? You won’t find anyone, ever, who is prouder of you than your parents!

You are still changing, get your folks a new professional portrait. Your kids are growing by leaps and bounds, why not capture their cute little faces on a mug or sofa throw?

A family outing where YOU treat THEM.

The first time our oldest son and his wife treated us to dinner out generated the most remarkable feeling for me. I thought: my kids are successful (at least successful enough to buy dinner); my kids care enough about me to treat me; my kids want to spend time with ME!

An invite to travel or pursue an activity with them.

If your parents enjoy travel, or even day trips, an invite to a special outing – shared with you and yours is just the ticket. Sharing experiences helps you forge brand new relationships with your parents, as people, not as authority figures.

Low cost options might be a hike in a local park, or a drive on a nearby scenic by-way or a trip to a museum in your city, or even a Christmas Eve holiday light or homes tour.

Expressions of gratitude.

Have you learned something important from your parents – something that has helped you succeed or enjoy life or move forward in some fashion? Was there a time they provided emotional or financial support when you were down? What were the things they did in raising you that helped you turn into the wonderful person you are?

Write a letter, make a wall plaque, painting, poem, or book telling them what they did right! We do wonder, many times what you think of your upbringing. Perhaps even just a dedication in your new book. I know that when my son dedicated his hand written and illustrated Jr. High poetry book to me, it caused me to display that book for years (it is still on my shelf and he is now 40).

A memento with special meaning.

One of my daughter in laws had a charm bracelet made for me with the names and birthstones of my two sons and my spouse. It was great. A creation of yours, with the appropriate message and subject matter will be treasured for years.

A material gift that shows you see through to the real person in your parent.

Do you know what your parents current interests and hobbies include? Perhaps you should start paying attention if not. People change over time. Your parents are different people now than they were when they were busy raising you! Now they have time (and probably money) to pursue old and new dreams. If you can show them through a small gift that you truly understand them and see into their unique personality, your gift will be long treasured.

So, craft up that invite, document, picture or travel tour itinerary and put it in a festive box with a big red bow for your parents – low cost, high value!

What do you think your parents would treasure for a holiday gift?


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1 Betsy @ ConsumerFu.com November 24, 2013 at 9:53 pm

Last year I converted all of our old Super 8 family movies into DVDs. I had the equipment and had fun doing it. Mom loves having the movies of my brothers and me as kids.


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