Do One Thing for a Healthier You

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Have you ever attended a seminar or conference and come away with beneficial advice?  I attended FinCon13 – a financial bloggers conference in October last year and came back with all kinds of great ideas, but one sticks in my head that I will share with you today… do one thing. The speaker recommended that we bloggers give the readers just one thing to do as a result of reading our story. One call to action, just one.

It occurs to me that this advice is applicable not only to writing, but also to real life!

Recently, I’ve seen my blood pressure rising. As a consequence I’m trying to adopt changes to my lifestyle and eating habits to attempt to lower it. My approach has been multi-pronged in that I have made many changes to my diet as well as some changes to my exercise routines. Making this many changes at once is difficult and will no doubt be hard to sustain. I’m trying to add one apple a day as part of this approach.

Do one thing to make lifestyle changes.

Do one thing at a time when you are making lifestyle changes. Do this especially if a multi-pronged approach is not working for you.

My goal to day is to get you to eat one more piece of fruit. That is my call to action for you.

Why eat one more piece of fruit?

Lower your chances of cancer


“A new study suggests that women with higher levels of carotenoids (nutrients found in fruits and vegetables) have a lower risk of breast cancer”

Boost potassium levels to help lower blood pressure.

Huffington Post:

“Cantaloupe. This member of the melon family is rich in the antioxidant beta-carotene, a plant-based vitamin A precursor that helps with eye health, among other conditions. It is also rich in the mineral potassium, which may help lower blood pressure and the risk for stroke. And, it is terrific if you are watching your waist — a one-cup serving contains a mere 50 calories.”

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Ladies Home Journal:

“Eat the skin for a high dose of fiber — both soluble (the type that helps lower cholesterol) and insoluble (it keeps you regular). In addition to meeting 15 percent of your daily fiber needs, an apple is crammed with antioxidants.”

Natural Products Insider:

“One polyphenolic flavonoid, quercetin, found in apples, is especially promising. Research has found that quercetin has significant anti-inflammatory effects, suggesting benefits for support of disease related to ongoing inflammatory response, including joint health.”

Fruits help keep you regular.


“Dietary fiber from fruits, as part of an overall healthy diet, helps reduce blood cholesterol levels and may lower risk of heart disease. Fiber is important for proper bowel function. It helps reduce constipation and diverticulosis. Fiber-containing foods such as fruits help provide a feeling of fullness with fewer calories.Whole or cut-up fruits are sources of dietary fiber; fruit juices contain little or no fiber.”

How to eat more fruit.

Keep fruit in sight.

What you see is more likely to get eaten. Put it in handy bags in the frig or out in a bowl on the kitchen counter.

Put it in your cereal.

I love oatmeal in the winter, with cinnamon, raisins and walnut pieces. Add flax seed meal and a bit of sweetener and you have a healthy, nutritious fiber full meal.

Add strawberry or banana bits to your boxed cereal for flavor and color.

Serve it differently.

Dip the strawberries in dark chocolate. Serve the apple cut into bite-able pieces on a plate. Slice the bananas into milk and add sweetener. Add fruit to your salad.

Drink 100% fruit juice instead of soda.

Just once a day, substitute your normal soda or coffee for fruit juice.

Serve it for dessert.

Apple cobbler, pumpkin bread, peaches and cream – there are all kinds of yummy fruit desserts. Check out these fast recipes at Eating Well.

Pack dried fruit to go.

Have packs ready to plug into lunch boxes or baggies for that trip, or even to snack on while watching your favorite show on TV.

I’ve successfully added one more serving of fruit to my day. Can you beat that? How do you substitute healthy fruits for junk?

Eat one more serving of fruit TODAY!

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