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Streamlining business tools to make them more efficient and cost effective is just good business sense. When it comes to doing online retail business one of the best advances for small businesses which offers this type of streamlining is a tablet point of sale system, or POS system. These systems offer businesses much more than the older, more expensive systems traditionally used for checking out purchases and accepting payments. Many business owners are making the switch to these tablets, which can save them money on equipment and services and increase their sales. Here are some of the benefits of deciding to use a tablet POS system for your small business.

Saves You Money and Lowers Overhead

The Small Business Administration of the United States government has encouraged the use of tablet POS systems by pointing out how much money a tablet POS system can save a business. The traditional POS systems can require upfront fees of between $3,000 and $50,000. They also require annual software license fees for each system in use. Then there are the costs of necessary maintenance and upgrades. All of the expenses incurred when setting up these systems can make it difficult to remove a system which does not work well or no longer meets your growing business needs.

A tablet-based POS system can be put in place for less than $1,000 in most cases. Typically there are no upfront fees required for installing these systems. They usually have low monthly maintenance fees as well. These fees include software and other upgrades, and support services are usually included as well. All of this means the systems are easily changed as your business and commerce needs change. And the savings can last for the lifetime of these systems.

Increases Sales at the Checkout

There are some exciting new options for tablet POS systems. One of these options is the ability to show customers your inventory options. A consumer’s shopping experience is greatly enhanced when he or she is able to view photos of the available inventory, according to Armodilo. This gives a business the ability to virtually extend their sales floor. When people do not have to imagine a product, but instead are able to see it, they are more likely to buy it. Consumers have been conditioned to buy more when product photos are presented to them.

Looking at pictures of inventory switches the consumer from imagining the item, to visualizing actually owning or using the item. In other cases looking at images can help customers better imagine giving the item as a gift to an intended recipient. All of this helps to bring the consumer closer to making a final purchasing decision. It can also leave a lasting impression on them, causing them to return to make additional purchases in the future.

POS Systems Translate into Current and Repeat Sales

The image projected by your business tells the world a lot. It conveys what you stand for and what you offer. A business’s image does a great deal to drive sales. A lot can be revealed through the décor, inventory and salespeople a business has in place. And even more can be done to create a good impression on your customers by using a tablet POS system. This is because these can be set up with a customized look. At the time of purchase, when consumers interact with these tablets in the sales process, they can be given images to look at which increases their good feeling about the buying experience. These tablets can also be used to make impressive offers to the consumer who might make a last-minute addition to their final purchase.

A tablet POS system can also leave a consumer with a lasting impression which will make them want to return to shop at a particular location. These are features that cannot be offered with the use of traditional POS systems. Using tablets in this manner offers business owners another way to connect with their customers and increase their bottom line. It makes sense for both small and large businesses to make the switch to a tablet POS system. Such a move saves you money, offers you the ability to increase revenue and makes doing business easier.

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1 Crystal @ Prairie Ecothrifter February 17, 2014 at 4:43 pm

One of our friends designs and sells board games. I think he has a POS thingy on his tablet…


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