How to get great deal on appliances

by Suba March 23, 2015

Our microwave started giving off smoke last Sunday.  I was lucky that I didn’t wander off after placing my food in the oven because otherwise something might have caught fire and it could have been a lot worse before I noticed and turned things off.  A microwave is essential in our home and so instead […]

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Save on Entertainment Costs with Cable or Satellite

by Suba September 20, 2013

The price of everything is going up. Child care, groceries, transportation costs; you name it, you are paying more for it now than you have in the past. You can try to cut down on luxuries, like entertainment, to save money; but, unless you’re Amish and can get by on a good, old-fashioned barn raising, […]

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To coupon or not to coupon

by Suba January 3, 2013

All the buzz around the web with the TLC Extreme couponing and illegal extreme couponing is quite entertaining to me as a very mild couponer. I don’t think I am the only person who is not regular couponer. There are 3 camps of people – people who hate couponing, think it is a waste of […]

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Carnival of Passive Investing

by Suba November 30, 2012

I’m honored to host this week’s Carnival of Passive Investing. As a passive investor myself, I am passionate about this topic. I was a little disappointed with the number and quality of articles submitted for this edition of the carnival. I know quite a few of my fellow bloggers are passive investors and write great content […]

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Carnival of Financial Planning – Money Management Edition #251 – August 25, 2012

by Suba August 25, 2012

Welcome to the August 24, 2012 Money Management Edition #251 of the Carnival of Financial Planning. This edition is arranged by subject heading, so that you can browse efficiently. Enjoy! Budgeting and Economics Amanda L Grossman presents My Advice to a Person Budgeting for the First Time posted at Frugal Confessions, saying, “Someone asked for […]

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