How to get great deal on appliances

by Suba March 23, 2015

Our microwave started giving off smoke last Sunday.  I was lucky that I didn’t wander off after placing my food in the oven because otherwise something might have caught fire and it could have been a lot worse before I noticed and turned things off.  A microwave is essential in our home and so instead […]

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What Doesn’t My Private Medical Insurance Cover?

by Suba January 23, 2015

A private health insurance policy is designed to provide advanced access to care and treatment options that public health care may not. While standard HBF private health extras cover can be fairly comprehensive, giving policyholders options about provider choice as well as allowing them to be treated as a public or private patient in virtually […]

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January Financial Housekeeping

by Suba January 23, 2014

Many people make New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, to spend more time with family, or to start that degree program that they’ve been putting off for decades! While I didn’t necessarily make any specific resolutions this year, I have begun to make a better stab at following a budget this year. I’m Over Budget, […]

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Looking for Work: 8 Popular Jobs in Business Technology

by Suba September 27, 2013

You might call it revenge of the nerds, but those whose talents extend to computer science and IT often have fast-paced, high-paid jobs. Even young professionals in this industry can expect to make an above-average starting salary. Consider data from the National Association of Colleges and Employers, which shows that the top three industries with […]

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Save on Entertainment Costs with Cable or Satellite

by Suba September 20, 2013

The price of everything is going up. Child care, groceries, transportation costs; you name it, you are paying more for it now than you have in the past. You can try to cut down on luxuries, like entertainment, to save money; but, unless you’re Amish and can get by on a good, old-fashioned barn raising, […]

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