5 Things to Consider Before Deciding To Pay off Debt or Invest

by YourFinancesSimplified November 15, 2012

Owning a home with a white picket fence is beginning to cost more than we expected, not to mention consumerism that is brainwashing us to get the latest deal on a gadget we don’t even need. Because of the way society is shaped, many of us end up in loans we never would have gotten […]

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Avoiding Credit Repair Scams

by YourFinancesSimplified August 31, 2012

Many reputable companies offer their services in helping you with your credit repair, and there are some circumstances when calling in an expert makes the process faster and less of a headache for you. Of course, these services are not charities, and they offer their services in exchange for a fee. Depending on the type […]

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How Important is Your Credit Score?

by YourFinancesSimplified March 30, 2012

You probably already knew that banks are keeping tabs on you through your credit score? But, what is surprising is that many people do not know how their credit score affects their day to day life. By understanding the basics of your credit score, you can save thousands of dollars in interest, premiums or fees. […]

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by YourFinancesSimplified February 24, 2012

 The main reason people opt to refinance their present loan is to lessen the burden of paying them. But for some, choosing which refinancing scheme is a burden in itself. Which one is better? Which is better suited for your present situation? Is a fixed-rate mortgage better for you or an adjustable-rate mortgage? If you […]

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8 Reason Why Renting is Better Than Owning a Home

by YourFinancesSimplified February 10, 2012

There’s always that natural agog when we come across people who have decided not to buy a home and just go ahead and rent for the rest of their lives. Renting only seems like a good idea for those who are still starting out, but eventually plan to get a house, but is this really […]

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