What to Consider Before Blogging for Cash

by Broke Professional September 6, 2011

I love making money blogging.  I love reading comments from readers, giving advice to new bloggers, and running the advertising for my blogs and others.  This means that I talk about my job a lot which usually leads to someone asking me to help them set up a blog to earn cash.  It doesn’t quite […]

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Legitimate Work at Home Options

by Broke Professional August 29, 2011

Haven’t we all wanted to work at home one time or another?  I know I daydreamed about it for about a year before taking the leap.  There are thousands of ways to earn money from home, but here are a few examples of entrepreneurial businesses that I know for a fact can earn you enough […]

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Blog Carnival – What, Why, When & How?

by Suba July 2, 2011

Blogging gets very lonely, esp. in the early stages. When I started blogging, I stumbled across “blog carnival” and it took me quite sometime to get what they are and how they worked. After talking about it in the Yakezie forums, I decided to put this together as a reference for bloggers – for beginners, […]

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100 Things We Have Learned Since We Started Blogging

by Broke Professional February 21, 2011

Warning: This Post is nearly 7,000 words.  Skimming is allowed and perhaps necessary! Just two months ago when my wife and I made the plunge and registered Broke Professionals as our domain, we had no idea how to run a blog.  We had read a lot of blogs, but we knew little or nothing about […]

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70 Post Ideas for Your Blog

by Broke Professional February 13, 2011

Having a Tough Time Coming Up With a Blog Idea?  Here is a list (with an example for each one) of 70 Different Post Ideas. 1.  Start a blogging group where you can gather like minded people, give back to the community, and help promote other blogs in your niche. Example – Financial Samurai and […]

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